Pocket WiFi


With the popularity of mobile WiFi, we endeavour to provide customers with a high-speed pocket WiFi service that is easy-to-use and convenient. In partnership with HORIZON, Connexus Travel has launched a WiFi rental service. Upon arriving at their destination, customers can enjoy WiFi access on their devices, such as smart phones and tablets, by simply turning on the power of their pocket WiFi and entering a password. One pocket WiFi allows access by multiple devices. For convenience, a courier can be arranged for the delivery and return of the pocket WiFi (additional charges apply), to save the need for customers to do so in person.


Rental Procedure:


Step 1: Booking and payment


Please contact Connexus Travel or CLICK HERE TO BOOK online directly. When filling in the online booking form, please enter “SWT052015” in the “Promotion code – Partner code” field.


Step 2: Collecting the Pocket WiFi


The Pocket WiFi can be delivered to a designated address or you may collect it in person at the Horizon branch. If you choose delivery to a designated address, the Pocket WiFi will be delivered to you one day before your departure date.


Step 3: Enjoy WiFi internet access on your trip


Step 4: Returning the Pocket WiFi


Please return the Pocket WiFi on the day or the next day you return to Hong Kong. Please make an appointment and confirm with Horizon. You may arrange delivery or return it to Horizon branch directly.


How to calculate the payment?


Payment is calculated based on the whole duration of your trip. It starts from your departure date, and ends on the date of your return to Hong Kong.


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