Connexus Travel Technology

Connexus Travel has invested substantially in information technology to ensure our clients benefit from prompt, accurate and customer-centered services.


ACD telephone system 

Connexus Travel operates a comprehensive automated telephone management system. This allows us to monitor consultants’ answering efficiency and allocate calls to different consultants according to different situations and needs. Clients can also access relevant reports for measuring service levels.

Integrated work platform 

Our point-and-click Integrated Booking System is 30 per cent faster than traditional booking systems. The system contains all information relating to companies and travellers, such as travel policies, travel compliance requirements, corporate fares, individual profiles (containing visa information), frequent flyer programme information and meal preferences. Information on flights and fare charges is also available on this single  platform. Most importantly, all information is uploaded automatically to reduce the opportunities for human error. In 2014, we have added a fully automated quality-control function, whereby all relevant travel information is checked 100 per cent.

Hotel inventory management system 

In addition to flight booking automation, Connexus Travel also operates a comprehensive hotel inventory management system, with an astonishing 40,000 hotels, all in major cities, frequently visited by users of our system. The system also offers map and address search functions that enable our reservation staff to efficiently call up information on room availability, hotel rates, breakfast and other hotel amenities.

Online booking engine 

In collaboration with Abacus, we have launched a 24/7 online booking tool, with a user-friendly interface, that is among the best in the market. Companies can incorporate their own in-house travel policies and easily upload their specified corporate rates when making bookings. The platform also has a built-in series of approval processes to allow for effective policy compliance and cost savings.  

Online reporting tool 

This programme is designed to produce detailed travel expenditure reports. Travellers can also use it to make travel bookings, 24/7, taking advantage of direct access to travel spend analysis and other key information for effective spend management. 

Connexus Travel Mobility 

The VirtuallyThere and TripCase platforms, offered in partnership with Abacus, allow you to conveniently manage your itinerary on the go. Both programmes automatically update any itinerary changes and will update you with relevant travel news. You are never more than one click away from information about alternative flights, gate changes, local weather, maps and more.