Connexus Travel Introduces To You Abacus TripCase Mobile Solutions

At Connexus Travel we continually strive to bring our clients seamless, technologically-enhanced travel experiences so that they can conveniently manage their trips anytime, anywhere.

In partnership with Asia Pacific's most popular airline reservations system provider, Connexus Travel is delighted to introduce the Abacus  “TripCase” solutions to our clients.





Manage your trip on the go with this innovative mobile application, which is available for download at the App Store and Android Market. TripCase gives you the convenience of accessible information, saves you time through automation and enables easy sharing.

Highlights include:

  • Up-to-the-minute flight schedule, security waiting time, baggage claim, flight delay, cancellation and gate change alerts
  • Access to latest hotel rates
  • Seat maps for most major airlines worldwide
  • Ability to add events, including information on lodgings, car rental, meetings and restaurants to your trip schedule
  • Access to travel tools such as 7-day weather forecasts, maps and local contact numbers for airlines and hotels.
  • Sharing your itinerary with family and friends via the TripLog service

Feel free to contact your designated travel consultant with any queries or for assistance regarding the use of TripCase.