Crisis Management


With our proven track record and extensive experience in corporate travel management, Connexus Travel understands the crucial importance of risk management when managing our clients’ business travel plans.
We have developed comprehensive oversight to handle possible risk incidents and scenarios, ensuring that
we can provide a prompt response to our clients at times of crisis and help minimise possible disruptions to their travel plans.

Connexus Travel manages the risks to our clients’ business travel plans in three specific ways:

Risk reduction

By offering timely travel information and travel alerts, we ensure travellers have all the relevant information they need before departure. Connexus Travel is also fully integrated with a variety of corporate crisis management platforms such as the iSOS corporate tracking system and iJet risk management solutions.

Contingency planning

For local and overseas crises and emergencies, Connexus Travel has developed elaborate service disruption contingency plans, with established procedures in place to handle emergencies promptly and efficiently.

Crisis handling

A crisis management team is immediately set up once a crisis occurs, in order to give personalised assistance to affected travellers. Connexus Travel provides traveller tracking and will closely monitor the situation. Travellers will also be promptly contacted with any forced itinerary changes and periodic situation updates. Spectra, an automatic search programme, is particularly useful in protecting travellers from industrial and political strife, and against weather disruptions.