Added Value Services


Connexus Travel provides a host of value added services that differentiate us from the competition. These
unique services allow us to enhance customer experience and efficiently manage our clients’ travel spends.


Customer-centric services

In addition to 24-hour support from experienced staff, Connexus Travel aims to offer clients the best possible
value via a combination of speed, accuracy and excellent customer care. We have invested substantial
resources in ensuring that our expert staff deliver on these six key touch points:

  • Speedy response times
  • Courteous greetings and manners
  • Being organised, prepared, and eager to help
  • Actively listening to identify needs and provide professional advice
  • Identifying best deals and offering alternatives
  • Prompt and accurate follow-up actions

Minimising business travel costs

In addition to offering quality service, ensuring clients’ resources are used efficiently is also one of our key missions. Connexus Travel has developed five tools to help our clients in this area:

  • Strong business relationships with airlines and hotels help us to offer favourable fares and rates
  • A lowest fare audit through a consolidated fare database offers significant savings opportunities
  • Additional savings offered through a proactive fare change audit
  • Negotiated preferential corporate rates to further minimise travel costs
  • Expert travel policy design and execution to optimise savings

Operational experience

Connexus Travel’s state-of-the-art information system also helps us deliver high-quality services. These include:

  • A real-time call monitoring system for service efficiency
  • A point-and-click integrated booking system for both speed and accuracy
  • Integrated booking system automation to ensure information accuracy
  • A comprehensive hotel inventory management system for direct access to availability information and booking confirmation
  • An online booking tool for a streamlined booking process and policy compliance
  • A user-friendly online report tool for 24/7 access to travel data and reviews
  • VirtuallyThere® and TripCase – electronic platforms for convenient itinerary management anytime, anywhere

Professional account servicing team

Dedicated account managers relay day-to-day client needs to our service team, while also consolidating client feedback through regular reviews, meetings and questionnaires. We aim to improve customer satisfaction and ensure customers’ resources are spent wisely in these three specific ways:

  • Conducting regular travel data reviews and analysis
  • Ensuring effective travel spend management
  • Co-coordinating relevant corporate programmes